Earliest Green Roof in Ireland?

First GreenRoof

Newgrange (3200 bc)

Yes, this is probably the first green roof in Ireland, and quite a big one given the lack of elbow room down in the corridor.

This is also the very first post in our blog and the right place to introduce TEPUI to all of you, eco-minded people.

We are a small start up devoted to sustainability consultancy, project management and training for all kind of organisations (big, small, public and private).

Our name, TEPUI, is actually another kind of green roof... well, it is actually a table-like mountain with a full ecosystem on its top.

And why so many green roofs in a single post? Is TEPUI a distributor? No, we are not (I already said what we are), but these Sky Gardens are one of the Living Technologies that we want to promote in Ireland and Europe.

If we achive our goal, Newgrange will become the first of many more green roofs, and this will become the first of many more blog posts.

Lasting change happens when people see for themselves that a different way of life is more fulfilling than their present one
— Eknath Easwaran
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