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Projects and activities-  ongoing and in development:

The Living Buildings Challenge.

  • In July 2010, the International Living Buidlings Institute launched an Irish chapter. TEPUI's Erik van Lennep is a member of the founding Board of the Irish group, where he serves as Education Chair.

Conway School of Landscape Design, Massachusetts, USA:

  • "The mission of the Conway School of Landscape Design is to explore, develop, practice, and teach design that is ecologically and socially sustainable. In September 2010, Erik van Lennep was appointed Master Lecturer at the Conway School.
Ecological Landscaping Association (USA).Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin.
  • Green Machines exhibition. TEPUI provided project mentorship for an interactive exhibit focused on sustainability, innovation and green investment.

ReForm 2010: Sustainable Design in Ireland

  • The ReForm student design events have run annually since 2005 and have showcased some of the most inspiring examples of SD thinking and practice at both a national and international level.Erik van Lennep has been involved with ReForm since its inception, first with Cultivate Centre (see below) and then with TEPUI. This year in addition to collaboration on formulating and focusing the event, TEPUI  provided a lecture "We are Building This Plane as We Fly It ! Sustainable Design in an Emerging New Economy".


Earlier Projects:........

You have much more power when you are working for the right thing than when you are working against the wrong thing. And, of course, if the right thing is established wrong things will fade away of their own accord.
— Peace Pilgrim
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