Sustainability Trainings in Dublin

Sustainability and understanding how to apply it to all processes in your organisation is key these days. It is a completely new approach to your activities that will open a wide range of opportunities to explore.

As we know how complex this new field is, we have developed a set of trainings that could help you and your team to learn everything about this new and so much needed way of thinking.

These are the 6 different sustainability trainings we are offering in 2008.

The First Step on the Road to Sustainability
Basic concepts and tools for increasing the sustainability of your company focusing on premises and processes.

Eco-scaping your company
Landscape assessment of your building and grounds to identify possibilities for:

  • detoxify grounds maintenance
  • enhance areas for employee relaxation
  • increase biodiversity
  • add educational value

from your rooftop to your car park…

Introduction to Living Technologies

The forefront of our transition to sustainability is in sustainable technologies. The leading edge of this is Living Technologies.

Introduction to Resource cycles in the company

Introduction to Cradle to Cradle thinking, using a product Life-cycle Analysis system.

Sustainability and Innovation: Drawing forth the creative genius within the company

Stimulating, design-driven and energetic workshop to assist your group in becoming more effective at finding win-win-win solutions. It’s all about bringing the inherent knowledge within the group to the surface and let creativity rule.

Carbon Footprint and Life-cycle Analysis

Introduction to carbon footprint and its effects and product life-cycle. These are tools which provide a useful way to measure the impacts of our daily activities.


All our sustainability trainings are offered to companies on demand. Individuals please contact us with your preferences and we will organise the schedule based on the demand.

sustainability strategies & design

Sustainability Partnerships with Nature
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