Sustainability Services We Provide

These are the services we currently offer to companies, organisations and local authorities.

Sustainability Trainings

Sustainability is an area of particular expertise we can provide. Our extensive
experience will allow us to deliver high-quality, innovative and tailor-made practical trainings.

We not only provide our clients with a solid understanding of these complex disciplines, but also with very pragmatic and ready-to-implement solutions that use innovate alternatives to reduce water, energy and waste volumes and create long-term structural changes that will have both environmental and financial benefits.

Living Technologies and Sustainable Sector Development

As the sustainable technologies have only recently gone mainstream, and Living Technologies are still more recently capturing attention, markets must be educated concurrently with further development of these technologies and understanding of their applicability.

Our goal is to help articulating an innovative sector within sustainability by assisting other sustainable design professionals in developing markets and locating project partners. How do we do this?

Sustainability Project Management

Our team has many years experience in effective and innovative project management, with a specialty in cost efficient delivery, working with diverse groups, maintaining high standards.

We can liaise with institutional, corporate or public sector teams to assist on specific project areas, or take the lead in managing the project ourselves.

Policy and Consultation on Sustainable Strategies

We can review projects and proposals, action plans and strategies for implementing sustainable solutions.

We can help identify potential issues and conflicts, as well as recommend opportunities for enhanced sustainability and the potential for integrating Living Technologies into overall strategies.

Expert Team Building for Projects

Assessments, community consultation, research collaboratives, and promotion of sustainable attitudes and solutions are just some of the areas where teamwork is required for sustainability project development.

Often, team members need to be recruited from across a range of disciplines and sectors, and in many cases a range of locations. Our extensive collaborative networks cross all disciplines and sectors related to sustainable development and sustainable solutions.

Research Collaboratives & Sustainability Funding

Research and Development are essential to bring new sustainability strategies forward as well as to rethink application of existing technologies for new situations.

As a company focused upon the development and application of new and sustainable technologies we have our eye on many key areas where innovation and integration of technologies can offer substantial increases in benefits while lowering overall costs.

We are not lacking in the dynamic forces needed to create the future. We live immersed in a sea of energy beyond all comprehension.
— Thomas Berry
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