Policy and Consultation on Sustainable Strategies

We can review projects and proposals, action plans and strategies for implementing sustainable solutions.

We can help identify potential issues and conflicts, as well as recommend opportunities for enhanced sustainability and the potential for integrating Living Technologies into overall strategies.

We can provide support and recommendations in developing policy for the increased uptake and effective application of sustainable technologies, with a particular emphasis on solutions to waste, water, biodiversity, energy, climate change and carbon sequestration.

These issues tend to be interlinked, and are best approached in an integrated, and synergistic manner.

Our extensive experience will allow us to deliver high-quality, innovative and tailor-made consultancy that not only provides our clients with very pragmatic and ready-to-implement solutions but also provides a solid understanding and structural change in the way we can use innovate and cost-effective solutions.

We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.
— Albert Einstein

currently and recently working with

Institute of Technology Carlow
Dublin City Council
Kaos PilotNational College of Art and Design - Ireland
Qatar Foundation
EcoDesign Center - WalesUK Biochar Reseach Centre

sustainability strategies & design

Sustainability Partnerships with Nature
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