Sustainability Trainings

Sustainability is an area of particular expertise we can provide. Our extensive
experience will allow us to deliver high-quality, innovative and tailor-made practical trainings.

We not only provide our clients with a solid understanding of these complex disciplines, but also with very pragmatic and ready-to-implement solutions that use innovate alternatives to reduce water, energy and waste volumes and create long-term structural changes that will have both environmental and financial benefits.

For most individuals, companies, and sectors, sustainability is a newly discovered requirement. For everybody, the need to address critical pressures on our resources and systems has seemingly appeared overnight and the learning curve ahead is steep.

To respond most effectively we must all exercise a larger degree than we are accustomed to of resourcefulness, innovation, creativity, responsibility, awareness, and collaboration. Although these skill sets and insights have been neglected for a generation or two, they can be taught and re-learned.

In addition, a host of requirements from global accords, EU directives, national standards to more local ordinances and shareholder resolutions all demand compliance and updated understanding.

We can provide training and facilitate development of capacity to enable response in an effective and well informed manner.

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.
— Aldo Leopold

currently and recently working with

Institute of Technology Carlow
Dublin City Council
Kaos PilotNational College of Art and Design - Ireland
Qatar Foundation
EcoDesign Center - WalesUK Biochar Reseach Centre

sustainability strategies & design

Sustainability Partnerships with Nature
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