The Great Disruption

We've been borrowing from the future, and the debt has fallen due. The science says we have physically entered a period of great change, a synchronized, related crash of the economy and ecosystem. The Great Disruption will ultimately take human society to a higher evolutionary state. We have the opportunity to build a society that represents our highest capacities... that works with rather than against nature. This crisis represents what may be a 'once in a civilization' opportunity for a step change in human evolution, but one driven consciously rather than biologically. We are the people we've been waiting for. This is the time.
— Paul Gilding
The Great Disruption
Flying in over the city, we are presented with a vast landscape of hard, dead surfaces. Green roofing and other living technologies offer the potential for reclaiming the footprints taken from the Earth as buildings are erected, returning the green.
— Erik Van Lennep

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