Certificate in Sustainable Design: Call for Entries

Certificate in collaboration with Carlow IT and Skillnet

IT Carlow and the Design Ireland Skillnet have developed a certificate in Sustainable Design.

This module is proposed as an ECTS 10 credit Level 9 module.


Primarily this course aims to up skill practicing design
professionals in the area of Sustainable Design Practice (SDP).
Likely students on this programme would typically be
designers, design managers, marketing managers and other
business managers with responsibility for new product development
(NPD), company strategy and design.

Carbon Footprint Analysis

Introduction to carbon footprint and its effects and product life-cycle. These are tools which provide a useful way to measure the impacts of our daily activities.

Sustainability and Innovation: Drawing forth the creative genius within the company

Stimulating, design-driven and energetic workshop to assist your group in becoming more effective at finding win-win-win solutions. It is all about bringing the inherent knowledge within the group to the surface and let creativity rule.

Cradle to Cradle Resource Cycles in the Company

Introduction to Cradle to Cradle thinking, using a product Life-cycle Analysis system to transform your own waste in valuable resources

I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.
— John Cage

currently and recently working with

Institute of Technology Carlow
Dublin City Council
Kaos PilotNational College of Art and Design - Ireland
Qatar Foundation
EcoDesign Center - WalesUK Biochar Reseach Centre

sustainability strategies & design

Sustainability Partnerships with Nature
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