Certificate in Sustainable Design: Call for Entries

Certificate in collaboration with Carlow IT and Skillnet

IT Carlow and the Design Ireland Skillnet have developed a certificate in Sustainable Design.

This module is proposed as an ECTS 10 credit Level 9 module.


Primarily this course aims to up skill practicing design
professionals in the area of Sustainable Design Practice (SDP).
Likely students on this programme would typically be
designers, design managers, marketing managers and other
business managers with responsibility for new product development
(NPD), company strategy and design.


15 weeks-proposed for Saturdays 10 am – 1pm
10 x 3 hour workshop/lectures/ mentoring sessions and independent
applied research project (with remote mentoring)

Starting Date:

Mid October 2008 (Subject to validation)

Programme Content

  • Introduction to Sustainable Design
  • Practical sustainable design innovation strategies
  • Social and environmental legislative considerations
  • Lifecycle Thinking, Simplified LCA (Lifecycle Analysis)
  • Materials selection and procurement
  • Corporate and Social responsibility
  • Packaging and waste considerations for designers and Business
  • Marketing sustainable design
  • Sustainable Design for competitive advantage
  • Applied Research Project

Download the full program for more information.

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What if we choose to eradicate ourselves from this Earth, by whatever means? The Earth goes nowhere. And in time, it will regenerate, and all the lakes will be pristine. The rivers, the waters, the mountains, everything will be green again. It'll be peaceful. There may not be people, but the Earth will regenerate. And you know why? - Because the Earth has all the time in the world and we don't. So I think that's where we're at, right now.
— Oren Lyons

sustainability strategies & design

Sustainability Partnerships with Nature
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