Sustainability and Innovation: Drawing forth the creative genius within the company

Stimulating, design-driven and energetic workshop to assist your group in becoming more effective at finding win-win-win solutions. It is all about bringing the inherent knowledge within the group to the surface and let creativity rule.

Why: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” (Albert Einstein)

How: ½ day solutions-based workshop utilising real-life examples from your company.

Where: We will come to you.

Who: Management executives. 

The reinvention of a green economy can begin to solve our bundle of economic and social ills simultaneously. We can create abundant jobs, prosperity, equity and hope.
— Kenny Ausubel, founder co-executive director of Bioneers

currently and recently working with

Institute of Technology Carlow
Dublin City Council
Kaos PilotNational College of Art and Design - Ireland
Qatar Foundation
EcoDesign Center - WalesUK Biochar Reseach Centre

sustainability strategies & design

Sustainability Partnerships with Nature
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