Aaron Wieler

Socially Conscious Technology Design and Implementation

Aaron is a designer and innovator, currently based in the bay area of California. He has recently worked in Namibia on a bicycle ambulance project for rural health care access, and in Ladakh, India, on a project to design mobility and play equipment to support disabled children. Aaron has also taught at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, on the intersection of sustainable design, fabrication, and international development work.

Currently, Aaron is working on the design and implementation of low-cost, locally appropriate wheelchairs in resource-poor economies with the US-based non-profit, Whirlwind Wheelchair International.

He prefers to focus his work on facilitating collaborative and open source design processes that demonstrate the value of user and community needs, through engaging communities in a dialogue about the social responsibility of design. A goal of this process is to empower communities towards resource and technology self-reliance.

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